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Copper, Brass Beads,Shell,Agate

Crystal Beads, Imitaional Turquoise

Braided pteridolite(Aparagraph):5.7X6.8CM

Woven JADE BEAD CRYSTAL(Bparagraph):5.7X6.8CM

Woven skirt red stone(Cparagraph):5.5X4.1CM

Braided fan-shaped copper beads(Dparagraph):4.5X4.8CM

Weaving semicircle agate(Eparagraph):5.3X4CM

Woven ancient Turquoise(Fparagraph):5.7X3.7CM

Bohemian beach shell:4.3X6.3CM

Large circle crystal stone:6.2X3.8CM

Simple water drop konglanite:5X3.5CM

Long Bead Tassel:11.5X1CM

Braided fan tassel(Gparagraph):6.4X4.5CM

Large round rice bead woven tassel:7.2X4.5CM

Peacock green crystal weaving:8X2CM

Hexagonal rice bead weaving:3.7X2.5CM

Triangle hand weaving:4.7X3.1CM

Copper pearl braided triangle tassel:6.5X2.8CM

Long water drop rice bead weaving:6.5X2.2CM

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